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Chinese Herbal Medicine Ottawa
Harmony Acupuncture Kanata

Chinese Herbal Medicine has been practiced for at least 2000 years and has evolved from the use of simple formulas into a sophisticated healing system.

Safety & Quality of Chinese Herbs at Harmony Acupuncture

Only practitioners holding the R.TCMP title are legally permitted to prepare Chinese medicinal herbs for clinical treatment; Alice is a registered R.TCMP and prepares fresh herbal formulas on-site at her clinic and uses only high-grade granulated herbal products from the world leading brand of professional Chinese Medicinal herbs and formulas, KP Pharmaceuticals (shown in photo).

KP Herbs used at Harmony Acupuncture Kanata - world leading granulated Chinese herbal medicineToday when Chinese herbs and herbal products are widely available, one must be cautious of their quality and safety. The Chinese herbal medicine used at Harmony Acupuncture Kanata are certified and have been approved by Health Canada; they have gone through two to three screenings by laboratories for microbes, molds, pesticides and heavy metals. These herbal products are sold only to traditional Chinese medicine practitioners and are not available over-the-counter.

Chinese herbs at Harmony Acupuncture are purchased from Eastern Currents. Click here for detailed information about the
world leading brand of Chinese herbs, KP Pharmaceuticals, used at Alice's Acupuncture Clinic in Ottawa.